substance abuse treatment centers south Florida

substance abuse treatment centers south Florida

Solace Behavioral Health is among the top substance abuse treatment centers in South Florida with excellent outpatient and IOP programs. With a team of highly skilled and licensed therapists, we offer the best counseling and psychiatric services.

Therapies we use to treat addiction

As one of the leading substance abuse treatment centers in South Florida, we use a combination of evidence-based clinical practices and comprehensive medical and psychiatric assessments to create a customized treatment plan for each of our patients. Some of the therapies we use in addiction treatment include:

  • Individual Therapy - In individual therapy, our therapists, physicians, and RNs work closely with our patients to help them attain a safe and fast recovery. We offer 1-on-1 counseling and behavioral therapy sessions, which help identify the underlying cause of addiction in patients. We also use these sessions to prepare each patient's mind and body for a drug-free, healthy, and fulfilling life after treatment
  • Equine therapy - In this therapy, we encourage our patients to work with one of the most intelligent animals, a horse. Equine therapy sessions relax the mind of patients and balance their internal feelings. It also builds interpersonal skills and non-verbal communication in patients.
  • Medical detox - We offer a medically-supervised detox program for patients suffering from moderate to severe levels of addiction. It helps reduce the severity of unpleasant and painful withdrawal symptoms and allows patients to attain a safe recovery.

Besides, we also use a faith-based approach and offer gender-specific treatment to ensure that our patients garner the best results from their time in rehab. Our 90-day curriculum program and 45-day core program not only helps address the underlying mental health issues in patients but also helps reduce relapse rates significantly.

Role of meditation therapy in treating substance abuse

Meditation is a powerful mind exercise that offers a variety of health benefits. It is highly beneficial in reducing stress, anxiety, and symptoms of mood disorders. Due to its relaxing and calming effects, it is widely in substance abuse treatment. 

Meditation therapy helps synchronize the mind and body and helps recovering addicts attain improved mental wellness.

It improves awareness, concentration, mood, attention, and creativity in patients and equips them with all the essential skills to lead an enhanced quality of life. Meditation therapy plays a pivotal role in combatting triggers and cravings and helps ease the symptoms of withdrawal symptoms.

What makes us the #1 rehab center in South Florida

We offer the most viable outpatient and IOP treatment for patients suffering from drug and alcohol addiction at affordable prices. We create customized treatment programs for each of our patients, and we offer 1-on-1 counseling and psychiatry sessions to help patients embrace sobriety. We also follow advanced treatments and therapies such as spravato & ketamine and transcranial magnetic stimulation to help patients heal and recover from their co-occurring mental health issues.

Call Solace Behavioral Health today at 353-679-5550 / 352-678-5551 or visit to make an appointment. As one of the peak substance abuse treatment centers in South Florida, we have the lowest relapse rates and ensure lasting success in recovery for our patients with ongoing care programs.

substance abuse treatment centers south Florida
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substance abuse treatment centers south Florida
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