Organic Beauty Products

Organic Beauty Products

Our world runs on science and technology, so it is common to find a bunch of chemical additives with harsh sulfates, fragrances, alcohols, parabens, and many more. This was not always the case until recently because the mid-90s still used soaks, masks, and creams loaded with more organic products than chemicals. It was also more common to use animal extracts like butter and fats for beauty treatments because they were more nourishing than chemically processed products.

BAO Laboratory is an organic skincare brand with a range of skincare products, but we major in producing oils and serums centered on organic ingredients. Let’s get into it to know how organic beauty products interact with your skin.


What Are Facial Oils?

People have used oils for a long time to keep their skin cells hydrated, free of damage, and smooth. Plant-based oils are the most common, specifically from herbs, flowers, and roots.

Should you use oils on your face? Naturally, everyone has a regimen for their skin type, and a good portion of people will avoid oils because they assume it will clog their pores. Oils are good because they control the amount of sebum produced on your face and reduce clogging. Introducing oils that penetrate your skin allows the sebum glands to relax because you do not have moisture deprivation.

Benefits Of Using Facial Oils

They Are Super Hydrating

It seems like facial oils are the best protection against moisture loss, especially when you put them on a moisturizing cream with water. Oils give extra protection because they also form a barrier against germs, dirt, and pollutants that would otherwise penetrate deep into the skin.

Natural Beauty Products Have Powerful Nutrients

Facial oils contain the same elements in plants, which means your skin benefits from eating them. Some oils have a high content of vitamin E and A, which are decisive for boosting collagen production and improving the skin’s elasticity.

Usually, plant-based oils with small molecules can restore the skin’s original state, restore moisture and fade scars a lot faster than ones with thicker molecules. Our range of oils solves many different specific issues, so take your time to read through the description for all the details.

Facial Serum For Skincare 

Serums are products that contain concentrated amounts of certain products to perform a faster and better job than the one added in a facial cream or oil. Most skin care serums for the face are clear in color and thicker than a typical moisturizer. The serum is more effective because its molecules penetrate deep into the skin instead of sitting on the top layers.

We specialize in producing vitamin C serum, a consistent gel or heavy liquid that boosts collagen, brightens the skin tone, and frees it of free radicals.

Can you source vitamin C from plants? Yes, you can, but it will not work as fast as it would in its concentrated form. It is a good idea to check the types of vitamin C serums and other natural skin care products in store for more descriptions, and then make your order for fast delivery.